Morna : goddess of death
98 Disagreemen
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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98 Disagreemen

@@Overlord turned to Elders he glared at them " stay here, no one should dare to move " He held Morna's hand pulling her out of the room. Morna tried to pull her hand but it was held too tightly and even her power was suppressed seeing his rage.

He created an energy wall sound proofing the entire room than bellowed " are you mad, you disclosed this matter around the room full of stranger, did you not study in Gurukul ( teaching and learning place for gods) this legend was once a cause of chaos if you being a Congero Potentia is released do you know how many will come after you".

His obnoxious tone made her anger sky rocketing her anger " if they are stranger than let me ask you Overlord the mighty king of hell, who are you, you are nothing more than the stranger for me" Overlord scoffed " you ask me who I am then let me tell you, I am your fucking husband and your lover ".

There was a silence in this room and then Morna started laughing " are you mad, if I am your wife than why don't I remember it " Overlord glared at her angry at her reaction " because you lost your memory and you forget me woman, do you have any idea the pain you caused me".

Morna returned her glare " you are talking crazy, you are my abductor and you better not forget that and do you think just you say so I will accept everything and accompany you to bedroom". Morna flicked her finger and left the room huffing puffing. Overlord went back to Elders room. Elder Jal looked at Overlord and said in gloomy voice " we have lost the war before we begin it " .

Looking at Overlord's innocent face Jal glared at him " has love made you stupid, we have Congero Potentia and if she finds out you killed her mother and her father will stand opposite to you, who do you think she will support".

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