Morna : goddess of death
96 Magnifier
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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96 Magnifier

A loud humph sounded in the room when all elders turn their face away. Elder Rock looked at her in patronizing way " little lady go back to kitchen and cook for us , don't involve yourself". Morna continued to smile she replied " Elder Rock I have heard a lot about you and now I understand why everyone say that your name and brain are same in consistency, they are filled with rock and that to pebble size rocks".

Elder Jal started laughing " girl even though, I don't trust your ability,I love your sass and for that I will give you a chance prove it". Morna gave him the same smile " elder Jal I have heard about you too, as your name symbolize your brain is like water enter from one ear and flew out from another and nothing in between" This time Elder Rock was laughing loudly.

Elder Po stood up and this time asked her politely " girl please prove your words " Morna smiled again but this time there was a respect in her eyes as Elder Po was well known for his knowledge of portals and time travel there were many things that were unknown about him like from where he came from and he was the strongest of the group of foggies.

She bowed and said "as you wish elder Po, may I ask Elder Rock to make a strongest Rock soldier he can" Elder Rock was unsatisfied but did as asked and there stood a rock man breaking the ceiling of Overlord's meeting room. She turned to Overlord and said "break it". Overlord trusted his wife completely and did as asked he touched the soldier and a ray of light passed from his finger breaking it in many pieces, leaving cloud of dust and covering everyone except Morna who was in Overlord's arm well protected.

She turned to elder Rock and using her hand concentrating for a second let a light cover Elder Rock then she asked him " make the soldier again" despite feeling irritated he did as asked because he will never admit it but he found this little girl quite interesting.

A soldier stood again and she turned to Overlord and raised her eyebrows at him making him attack it again and being loyal wife slave he did that but an interesting thing happened the soldier didn't break,and was still standing as before leaving everyone amazed they turned to Morna and asked at the same time " how did this happen".

Morna giggled at their expression and replied " I am a magnifier" and she left the room with loud gasps ringing in the room and even Overlord was amazed.

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