Morna : goddess of death
95 Feelings
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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95 Feelings

@@Morna entered her room and sat on her bed feeling daze, how could she kiss a person she hate and what's weird is her heart is caring for him which is totally wrong. She was confused what was right and wrong on one side her parents were there, she was indebted to them for giving her this beautiful life of goddess and that to daughter of God of war, but her heart knew the truth from the time she knew herself she was always alone, with no one giving her a moment attention and these few days without them she felt free, which is good or bad she didn't know.

On the other side there was Overlord, who was giving her all the attention that filled a void in her heart, but she was a hostage, and she never felt this free in her entire life. These few days she saw him worried, exasperated and troubled and there were elders who were stubborn fool and never once he asked her for any help which made her happy and sad because she was waiting for him to ask her when she will unwillingly help him.

Thinking everything she had restless night next day she woke up and started searching for Overlord when she heard he was in meeting with old foggies she went there, outside she heard loud discussion or you can say fight happening inside the room, with all the elders shouting angrily and Overlord calmly sat there while he sipped some heavenly alcohol. She saw his face was calm but there was an anger in his eyes and she knew instinctively that the volcano is gonna erupt soon if she will not intervene. So, with a smiling face she entered the room and flicked her hand muting everyone in the room except her and Overlord, then she cheerfully said " good morning elders, I think I can help with all your problems after all I am daughter of God of war for nothing"

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