Morna : goddess of death
94 Will you miss me
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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94 Will you miss me

@@Overlord went back to his palace and found Morna standing outside waiting for him, this made his heart warm, he went to her and smiled " darling, you should go inside, you could be cold". Morna laughed " what cold, did you forget I am an immortal, how would I feel cold".

Overlord grumbled when Morna was a mortal reborn she talked about some kdrama saying that those boys are so handsome, So, Overlord also watched them, wanting to check his competition and was immersed in its romance and there he saw hero cuddling heroine saying she must be cold, but now his wife scoffed at his romance, he was scared " is he loosing his touch"

So, he cleared his throat and replied " So, what we are immortal, we all have innocent mortal heart, you should not hurt this precious thing in my chest by your cold word". Morna glared " Overlord don't forget you, kidnapped me and brought me to this place with no way to go outside and I have heard in few days we would be in attack".

Overlord smiled sadly " So, what we have a war in hand, maximum I will die and return to ashes, it's not like anyone is gonna miss me". Morna held his head in serious tone " don't say that, there is someone who will miss you" Overlord smiled hopefully, but his dreams were crushed when she replied " your guards will definitely miss you, after all you are with them all the time".

Morna turned to leave when he held her hands " if I am with you all the time will you miss me" Morna smiled and suddenly kissed his cheeks " may be" and ran to her room leaving Overlord in daze.

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