Morna : goddess of death
92 Water water everywhere
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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92 Water water everywhere

@@Overlord stood in front of calm and serine lake, it was so clear and calm one could glimpse inside it to the bottom with many beautiful fishes floating around it and there if looked closely one could find a man sleeping inside a huge coral and his snoring made water bubble around him. Overlord took a pebble and threw it inside the water like a missile.

There was a huge disturbance inside the water and suddenly with huge pop complete lake disappeared and in its place a growling old man was standing " how dare you Overlord, you disturbed me in my meditation". Overlord jumped over the boulder that was on the side of the lake, casually lying on the rock he yawned " oh, is that so old man, I came back meeting your friend Rock, he told me you have a habit of sleeping inside the lake, so I thought to wake you up".

Jal the Old foggy was leader of all water body in this Para-earth and he was also the owner of water army along with water animals, he growled in rage " young man just because you rule underworld doesn't mean you own every fucking thing, this is my place and I think your manners need a quick lesson".

Just in a blink Overlord found himself in the center of water body, he was drowning with huge amount of fishes and other animal stuck to his body and biting viciously but there was no reaction from Overlord he just looked around and suddenly huge red molten lava burst from his body, it was hellfire used to burn people's sins and punish many criminals sent there for punishment.

Everything around him was sea of red and all other water animals burnt to crisp. Jal made a huge water bubble was floating over the lava. Overlord looked at Jal and grinned " I am not in the mood to deal with you all old people as I have my wife who need my attention right now, So, playtime is over tomorrow morning I want all of you in front of palace of Kamaraj and don't make me come and get you and I will let you fool live".

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