Morna : goddess of death
91 Rock hard
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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91 Rock hard

Just then many huge Boulder crashed towards Overlord, he flicked and Sparks shot through his finger bursting boulders in fine sand. Elder Rock shouted " what do you know how Kamaraj treated us, you are just a pest sent here to irritate us, now go, don't disturb my sleep". Overlord laughed " you don't understand the polite word, I think the street talk is true ".

Elder Rock replied " and what talk it would be boy" Overlord smirked " that you are named rock because that's what your brain has, nothing but rock " Elder rock always hated when people said that, yes he was slow in brain as compared to other foggies but seeing this punk call him that made him angry. Just then the fort itself collapsed and it turned into huge rock men army.

Overlord knew it was easy to provoke foggy, he smirked " it had been millions of years since I played with rocks and i think it would be fun to relive my childhood" and he ran at fast speed towards the rock men army, there were approximately 500 hundred of them and Elder Rock behind them on largest one's shoulder.

At speed like light Overlord ran towards the army and in a flash he was standing before the elder. Elder smirked and was about to order his army to catch him when his eyes widened as all his army collapsed in a second turning to fine dust. He looked at Overlord who looked bored, while Elder Rock was impressed, as Overlord turned his army to dust by just touching them.

Overlord spread his dark as night wings flew to the Elder sitting over the only remaining rock soldier , he looked like a dark cloud ready to destroy his enemy " and here I thought I would have some useful soldiers to fight for this place but what I have is just an old man with his few rock toys, I should stop wasting my time " .

Elder looked down in shame " there was a time his rock army was considered lethal tool but now it is compared to children's toys,this insult he could not tolerate". He called to Overlord " how many days you have boy". Overlord smiled he knew he could awaken old foggy easily " 15 days old man". Elder laughed " then come to me on 10th day boy". Overlord looked determined " I will directly meet you on the day of war old man, then we will see if you are what you were called in old days".

Overlord turned and went to next destination when a voice called out " what was I called boy " Overlord laughed " that you are as hard as Supreme Lord's dick" Old man sputtered cursing out loud at the damn brat.

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