Morna : goddess of death
90 What“s the guarantee
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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90 What“s the guarantee

@@Despite being a beautiful place there was an air of morose in Para-earth and Overlord could only look at the people in his hand that he could use to fight. Morna was looking at him and the cloud of doom over his head. She was waiting for him to approach her and ask for her help as she was daughter of God of war and could be of big help, these days she either played with children in Para-earth, trained her body or played with the weird bird calling himself Flappy.

Still he didn't approach her, which was making her heart throb and making it painful, she couldn't understand what she was feeling, huffing she started loosing her body and letting her warm sword rest in her hand after that she escaped in her mind to fighting mode letting her hands move automatically. Overlord looked at her, he wanted to share his troubles with her but there was an air of aloofness around her which he couldn't break. He waited for her but she never came.

Finally he turned to the soldiers given to him by Kamaraj there were 7 old foggies and they still had an air of power around them but right now they were in no mood to fight and each of them were hiding inside their forts. Overlord approached one of them Elder Rock, because that was his power, he can turn a small pebble into a huge missile by touching it and he leaved in huge rock fort and it's entrance was blocked by huge stone. Overlord amplified his voice and called for him "elder Rock I am Overlord, brother of Kamaraj here to ask for your help to save this Para-earth".

Elder Rock's voice rang out " who cares for this place, when another ruler will come he can have this place and I will be a mere citizen who won't bother the king, he would not do anything to me" . Overlord shouted " what's the guarantee that Indra will give you the same peace that Kamaraj gave you".

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