Morna : goddess of death
89 letter of last resor
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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89 letter of last resor

@@Dearest Brother,

when you will finish this letter as I know you there will be a huge wave of anger from your side and for that I am sorry but you need to know and understand my condition, it had been XX years since I won this para-earth and as per bet a wall protected it from invaders but this wall has become thin because of repeated invasions and it will break down in coming days and for that I need you.

And as I know you would never choose a side between Indra and me despite Indra being your enemy because you don't want sister in law in danger but brother this is the chance to reclaim para-earth and win the war against Indra and I am giving you my army, my soldiers and when we join hand we can kill him and rule the heaven, underworld and para-earth. This is the only chance for our glory.

Love from your dearest brother

PS1: my soldiers have not fought till the time we reclaimed para-earth and you may have to work on that.

PS2: I will come back once I convince Medusa wait for me.

PS3: you have 15 days before wall collapse and Indra with is army will wait for you and now you can't go out unless wall collapse and by then you have to fight him.

After reading the letter Overlord released a big roar and looked at the situation on hand, he had an amnesiac wife who will not necessarily fight with him, a wall after whose collapse a war awaits and few in hand soldiers who have not fought in years along with few men of his own army and he can't escape from this place, the condition does not look good and it all fell on his shoulders.

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