Morna : goddess of death
88 Para-earth
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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88 Para-earth

@@In palace of Overlord many God's came flying to check the castle and what they found was Kamaraj heavily injured and tied with Pashan to a pillar. When questioned he could only apologize " I am sorry as his brother I wanted him to surrender but he attacked me and tied me here,I don't know where he went".

At the entrance of Para - earth

Morna gazed at the small world that looked very similar to mortal world but the only difference was it was only half the size of it but it was enough to carry half the population of earth but number of people here are very few.

This was the part that earth carried with itself when it was born but a battle happened between good and evil and this small part got separated from it but then there was another war about who will win this land a bet was made between Other gods on one side and Indra on another and in the end there was a mediator (Kamaraj) who added another clause in supreme heavens deal without anyone's knowing it was that if no one won it will go to the mediator.

Both the team fought for many years Kamaraj tricked them when there were few people left by sending beautifully dressed women igniting their lust because they had been fighting for so long and when they were distracted Kamaraj defeated both the parties and won the para- earth. From that day a wall protected Para-earth making it impossible to enter without the orb that Overlord had from Kamaraj.

This para earth was place where Kamaraj allowed souls and immortals with special talent or people rejected by both heaven and underworld. Just when Overlord brought Morna a letter was delivered to him. He allowed Demornna to roam freely because it was impossible to leave without Orb which he had. When Overlord read the letter his forehead started having frowns and at last he screamed Kamaraj's name making people shudder about what to come.

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