Morna : goddess of death
87 brothers in need
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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87 brothers in need

@@A frown came over Overlord's brows " they attacked my wife first and made her loose her memories" Kamaraj raised his eyebrows " that's what you say, but if I will ask Goddess Demornna what do you think her response would be" Overlord looked dejected" she will blame me".

Kamaraj leaned lightly " now the question is what do you plan to do " Overlord was silent then looked at Kamaraj " if you are here standing and warning me, I am sure you thought something" Kamaraj had a huge grin dancing his lips " you know when I was born 101 golden birds danced the sky which was highest of all showing my magnificence".

Overlord grumbled " there he goes again yaking this yaking that" Ignoring Overlord he grinned " I think you can give me some incentive I can have some ideas for you". Overlord knew it this brother of his lusted over two things first women second money. Overlord looked at him " I can allow equal ownership in this palace but only for you not for your harem and for 1 year that to in mortal realm".

"Brother I don't care of harem don't you know that" Overlord rolled his eyes "who do you want" Kamaraj grinned " I want Medusa" Overlord looked at him amazed " you want a woman who has snake head, hates mankind and turned them to stone" Kamaraj grinned " I don't know why but I love her sass " Overlord asked again " I am talking about snake head not bed head". Kamaraj nodded his head while grinning evilly.

Overlord prayed for his brother gave him Medusa's address in underworld and key to her palace in return Kamaraj gave a shining orb to Overlord "take this as my gift for your wedding which you didn't invite me for" Overlord looked at him amazed " tell me this is not para-earth " Kamaraj grinned.

Kamaraj showed his head " come on do your best " and with his consent Overlord beat the shit out of him and tied him with his personal pashan ( A/N 1 .Pashan :- a long thick coiled weapon used to capture Overlord's victims,it's impossible to break unless used supreme power. 2. Para :- earth is a parallel earth personally owned by Kamaraj it has mortals that are neither in mortal world nor heaven or underworld and it's rule are different which will be explained later).

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