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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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86 Trip 2

@@A/N : I just want to explain what is happening here, Morna is Demornna that is million year back....she still think she likes her parents, Minerva is alive and she has never met Overlord and she only heard of him...she lived a life under constant scrutiny of parents and guards she was never allowed out...when she went to mortal realm she never went there, so modern lifestyle she will experience there will not be peculiar for her.

enjoy the story now

2 day back before decided trip

Overlord was excited to visit his new version of wife she was quite arrogant and handful. Just as he was about to meet her his secretary ran to him sweating hard " Overlord" he stammered, seeing his distraught state he asked " what's the matter, what made you like this, did you see some living wondering in Underworld" he joked.

Secretary heaved " my lord he is here with royal order" Listening to this he became grim " He growled " take me to him ". Going into the meeting hall he looked at the man sitting there calmly while Overlord's servant stood there huddled around him with strong sense of lust coming from them.

Feeling irritated he shouted " get lost and receive 50 strikes for your punishment and this may help you move from this lust that captured you" then he turned to the man sitting there calmly, this man if looked closer had many similarity with Overlord but unlike Overlord who carried heat and rage with him he was equipped with lust, he was brother to Overlord and his name was Kamaraj ( the god of lust).

Kamaraj looked at Overlord and answered the questions he saw in his eyes "there is a investigation started on you from the side of Supreme Lord and I am the man selected for this job to give a report of situation" Overlord was burning with rage but his face showed calmness " what is the investigation for".

Kamaraj's eyes flashed " for kidnapping of Demornna the daughter of Ares and keeping her away from her parents and most serious offence, killing of Minerva the goddess of war".

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