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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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85 Trip 1

These days Morna spent either glowering at servants or screaming at Overlord, somedays she becomes absolutely silent ignoring Overlord and all this while he was like a saint smiling at her each and every antics but today it had been whole day when Overlord didn't come to see her, which made her agitated.

Another day passed when Overlord didn't come to her room, now she was frustrated because except this irritating man there was no one who talked to her, which with his absence made her uneasy. She called the woman that Overlord called that day, after trying to remember her name she called out " Adille...no...Adwina...no... Adriana come here".

Adriana appeared like a puff bowing her head she said " yes my lady, how may I assist you". Morna had mixed feeling for this woman she was a silent warrior type girl but also had a beautiful personality but what she didn't like was how close she was to that man, which irritated her more. After a pause she asked

" where is that man" Adrianna had a innocent face " who my lady, the servant don't understand" Morna glared she didn't want to call him by his name but could only grit her teeth and mumble " Overlord, where is he".

Just than a man walked while showing off his swagger he came close to her and whispered " miss me darling" Morna felt thump in her heart which she tried to hide with a glare. She again ignored him because she knew if started talking she will smile at him stupidly which would be disastrous. Overlord chuckled he very well knew her nature in past million years or so, but still she is like an ice cream with many flavors packed in making every lick tasteful.

He smiled and answered her glare with a peck on her lips which gave him a roar from this small woman and replied "I think as daughter of God of war you never had a chance to be free and here I am giving you one, I will allow you to be free but before that you need to make a trip with me and help me hunt a monster if you do that you will be released and it will be your decision to stay or leave , what do you say".

Morna smiled cutely " let me be free and I promise I will help you with catching the monster whoever is he" Overlord smiled " you have successfully made a deal with the devil now let's let the wickedness play".

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