Morna : goddess of death
84 red bird mea
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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84 red bird mea

@@Amused Overlord replied Morna " you are asking why I chose you right" Demornna remained silent just glared at him. Overlord waved his hands and Flappy ran to his hand and sat majestically, Overlord indicated to this bird " this bird is a famous astrologer and I placed cards of all eligible candidate in this table and asked him to pick one and you are the lucky girl Lady Demornna".

Demornna looked at Overlord and knew he was making fun of her, she grumbled "aren't you scared I may kill you in your sleep". Overlord chuckled " I know how to handle you dear tigress and I will be waiting for your attack " Morna screamed in anger she glared at him and ordered " I want to eat red bird meat, slow cooked keeping bird alive for longer time" all this was said while she gave death glare to Flappy.

Flappy screamed internally " master how can you do that to me, I knew it this man is never a good idea for you". Overlord smiled " yes my lady at your service is this humble servant". Overlord left her alone and went out after these long days he finally felt that his soul came back to him in the form of this silly girl".

He called his guards and ordered them " kill all the people in the resort responsible for the incidence but before that slow cook them in oil and after that make them swim in salt River and then cut there neck don't let anyone have peaceful death " he moved out then stopped alerting all the guards " prepare red bird soup for your Queen and make it a big size". After that he whistled his way back to her and sat there smiling irritating Demornna to an extreme level.

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