Morna : goddess of death
83 Bite on the neck
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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83 Bite on the neck

@@Demornna opened her eyes to look at an extravagant room full of gold, diamond and huge crystal which looked like a table, she saw a man sitting next to her and he was the same guy who captured her his smooth voice flowed out " I stole this crystal table 200 years back, there is a matching sofa set if you want I can steel it for you".

Demornna glared at him " why do you have to steel everything, Overlord god of hell " Overlord smirked " I am happy you are same, but this time you know who I am and also my notorious habits right Goddess Demornna". Demornna glared "why I am here Overlord, what can you get capturing me".

Overlord smiled " because I am searching for a bride and you fits the requirement perfectly" Demornna glared " you are the most notorious, good looking God that was ever created but what I don't get it is why do you think I am most suitable for you" and after that she started coughing.

Seeing her cough so badly he took the jug to her to appease her coughing when he came near her Demornna jumped towards his neck biting it sharply Overlord didn't move and even Demornna didn't stop biting as blood trickled down his neck she expected him to be angry but instead he heard his chuckle. She was confused when his soft voice rang in her ears "if you want to bite my lips is right here" Making Demornna glare.

Overlord started chuckling seeing her glare " I told you she loves to attack in the neck didn't I Adriana" just then a thin voice rang out from the corner of the room " yes my lord" Demornna glared at the woman she didn't like another woman close to this man and this made her feel weird like an irritating itch in her chest. And she could only react by glaring at him. Which made Overlord more amused.

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