Morna : goddess of death
82 Divine shackles
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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82 Divine shackles

All physician started kowtowing towards him in anger while Sushruta hung his head low, he was silent for a while again checked her pulse he looked at Overlord " there is a chance Overlord, Goddess Morna has an ability to process poison and as this is complex combination of hell and heavens holy rivers she may remember it all in one month time when these waters dilute in her blood, but we have to keep her calmly here with you".

Overlord was silent " are you sure heavenly physician, supreme Lord himself sent you here and I trust his divine powers, but I must warn you, if after one month there is no change then don't blame me release my rage towards heaven".

Sushruta bowed accepting his words and left Overlord alone with Morna. Being alone with Morna he called Adriana, hearing his words Adrianna appeared suddenly " yes, my lord " Overlord said in gloomy voice " go bring me holy shackles " Adriana was shocked " my lord are you gonna use it for my lady".

Overlord raised his eyebrows, he was not in mood to answer her questions but he looked at Morna calmly caressing her hairs he smiled " she is a like a leopord, when she is angry and right now she is Demornna, at that time she used to jump directly at the neck of her victims and kill them in one stroke we used to call her one shot arrow in our time and when she will open her eyes no one will be safe so, quickly bring holy shackles here".

Adriana bowed and vanished in thin air and soon came back with glowing shackles, Overlord held them carefully because it was a precious treasure given to underworld to control immortal Gods and even touching it could be painful to an immortal person as Adriana was not an immortal but a soul which was in between mortal and immortal stage she could hold it.

Adriana saw sweat beads in Overlord's forehead as even putting it on her was painful for him, she asked to do it herself but still he continued his work because this was the only way to keep Morna stay put in one place and even she will experience this pain whenever she will try to break it, which was like sharp electric current in the brain and he want to punish himself for the being incapable to protect her.

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