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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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81 Jus

Overlord was stunned he saw another punch coming his way he held her hand and placed them by the side of her head, he jumped over her waist exerting pressure on her hand but his touch were still gentle.

A bright light started coming from her which fought with Overlord's dark aura, he placed his finger in her glabella making her faint, in his anguish coldness seeped in every part of underworld making thick Ice collect in many places, thing that was never supposed to happen happened right in front of their eyes

" hell froze over" he looked at the heavenly physician " how can my wife be poisoned when she is resistant to all type of poison ".

Heavenly physician looked glum " their is a good news and bad news what do you want first " Overlord looked angry " is this some kind of pop quiz for you, answer the fucking question". Cold sweat came over his back drenching him complete " she is not poisoned but given 2 natural liquid in mixed state River styx and river Ganga river of heaven they are naturally given when a mortal start reincarnation and when an immortal start reincarnation respectively, So, they are not poisons".

" It's a great mind to think that and it's combination made her loose memory but as combining her two lives it takes million years to remember much, So, she didn't loose it all but just that he forgot you". Overlord raged " did you just add ""just"" in this statement".

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