Morna : goddess of death
80 Daughter of God of war
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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80 Daughter of God of war

A grim silence descended the underworld making people shiver from the rage of Overlord.he looked towards the long line of physician some immortal, some in soul form as each and every physician in underworld whether immortal or in soul form were collected and made to treat Morna.

Overlord looked at his secretary " all souls going in reincarnation pool will jump in animal pool unless Morna wakes up, I want Heaven to understand what will happen if they attacked underworld by making a small change in cycle of rebirth" there was a loud gasp, councilman collected there were worried and wanted to protest but looking at Overlord's face they stood there in silence.

It was one month since Morna fainted and there was no news of her waking up. In that period no of animal in mortal world had quadrupled from there previous number and even near extinct soecies had given multiple births making people anxious as crops were raided, many incidence of animal attacks increased, it also effected economy of many countries as animal vaccine became very costly and price of meat, egg, milk reduced so much that many companies went bankrupt because of low prices.

Many people started to pray in abundance making God anxious and finally Sushruta famous medicine god came to underworld to cure Morna and finally she opened her eyes. As soon as Morna opened her eyes and looked at Overlord her eyes flashed looking at him and she threw a punch at his stomach making him stunned she growled " who are you, how dare you kidnap daughter of God of war" .

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