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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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79 Conflic

Just at that time Overlord materialized out of the portal that he created knowing the location of Morna when she told Minerva the name Callipay Casino inside the car when he prepared everything. Ares and Minerva was surprised and then looked at Morna confused, Morna sneered " my dearest mother do you think meeting you just once after my rebirth will generate immense trust for you, that I will follow you like a dumb puppet".

Minerva was surprised, but she hid it nicely, clapping her hand she smiled at Morna " do you think you have defeated me just with this , don't forget every single person in this room are under my control and they are enough to deal with Overlord temporarily"Morna laughed " and for these people my bird is enough for you" She looked at Flappy and suddenly he flew to attack the hotel staff and guest under Ares control but inside Flappy was upset for being called a mere bird he grumbled inside.

" Master my ancestors are from long line of dragons can you please not call me a mere bird" but knowing his master as she has no care for his emotion, he released his anger in mortals and few low level immortals who were there to enjoy mortal world Casino".

On the other side Ares attacked Overlord and Morna attacked Minerva with her sword. clashes of sword rang in the room, Overlord was capable enough to handle Ares but Morna had trouble as she had not trained as much as goddess of war and she was Overpowered by Minerva fast that's when her squad Tanner and Adriana attacked Minerva but they too lack in front of her.

Overlord looked at Morna and saw her cornered he ran to her side but God of war had other ideas he tried to block him but in angst Overlord opened his black wings and jumped towards Morna but till then a green fluid was poured inside her mouth she was sputtering but harsh liquid travelled inside her body causing deep pain in her head. She screamed loudly in pain her energy drained she looked at Overlord and everything went black.

Minerva opened a portal when Overlord slashed a sword into her slashing her and killing at instant before she could pull Morna inside the Portal suddenly collapsed. Seeing reversal of situation Ares disappeared while Flappy was able to control the crowd as the couple disappeared.Overlord picked her limp body and jumped inside his portal and running towards his palace shouting for physician.

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