Morna : goddess of death
78 Reserved the best sea
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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78 Reserved the best sea

" our trap darling" a voice came from the group guarded by security. Morna raised her eyebrows" so, it was the great god of war who needed to use child's play to make me come here" Ares laughed out loud which made him look charming as he held Minerva's hands and kissing them lightly " frankly we thought it would be difficult to bring you here, but you disappointed us sweety, after rebirth you have turned soft".

Morna smiled " may I ask what made you choose this place, as we all know this is Overlord's territory". Ares smiled " this made it fun, what will be more shameful for Overlord to search for his wife throughout the city like a headless chicken and you would be right here and with your changed look it will be impossible to tell that you are Morna, wife of Overlord".

Ares mused " if you ask me Indra was much better as he is giving you heaven in platter and you stupid girl rejected it just for a piece of hell, now I understand why handling people in love is difficult because they turn stupid after falling in love, and it's not late if you can accept Indra all will be fit and fine".

Morna started laughing suddenly " I have learned to become god of war you would have learned many strategies and tricks but does your brain capacity collapsed because your poor brain couldn't tolerate the pressure and made you both idiot".

Ares smirked "and this idiot has you under his command and don't try to run as this complete building is controlled by us and nobody is gonna help you, you can act like damsel in distress and call for your Overlord".

Morna laughed and moved her hand and suddenly with a screech Flappy came beside her and she jumped over it lightly , taking everyone with surprise, they all ran to stop the bird but Morna instead of running floated above them making all of them confused should they follow her but she is not running instead calmly sat there.

Her clear voice rang out " darling I have reserved the best seat to enjoy the show, make me dazzle , ok" and similarly another muscular voice came " of course darling after all this play was directed just to make you entertained as these days playing in mortal world is boring".

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