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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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77 Trap

The car stopped in front of the largest mall in the city, it was also one of the Overlord's property and when Morna entered whole rows of sales persons were waiting for them to escort to their shops which was politely declined by Morna as what she was planning to do will need few people to notice them and Tanner and other shadow guards were problem in itself.

Finally their shopping spree started, their shopping bags started to gather all around Tanner when they entered lingerie shop Tanner stopped outside as usual when they entered Minerva was telling Morna about a top she wanted that they visited in their three hour journey and they may have to repeat previous shops again to find it making Tanner groan.

When they entered changing rooms Minerva whispered to Morna about her plan making her eyes widen. Finally those two exited the shop and Tanner followed as usual again to the same shop they previously visited. After one hour Tanner felt something wrong and a sense of doom could be felt inside him because for last one hour Madam visited the same shops but they never interacted with anyone which was weird because it would be impossible for them to shop and no sales person talked to them being wife of the Chairman.

Slowly he stood in front of Morna and closed his eyes that's when he felt cold breeze as Morna crossed him passing through his body proving his suspicions that they were mere illusions.He gulped loudly fished out his phone and dialed Overlord " Master madam escaped from my supervision and her location is unknown for last one hour".

Loud curses rang in the opposite side making Tanner's ears bleed. While Morna entered the Callipay with Minerva following closely behind and their appearance making people stop in their tracks with both in ultra short dressing making their sexiness reach a height, Minerva being an immortal looked around 25 and same with Morna.

Minerva entered the betting table located at the far end of the Casino she went to the men

guarding some people inside she whispered in his ears something making Morna a bit anxious but she remained calm and while standing she concentrated inside her energy pool and their Flappy was swimming calmly. She poked at him and ordered " take the shape of smallest bird and secretly creep out and hide in a secret place and just follow my order.

Flappy slowly materialized outside Morna and hid himself in air duct waiting for Morna, While Morna looked at Minerva " I came here because you told me Indra hired some immortal assassins to harm Overlord and you were planning to find the group with me with their leader and kill them but why does this look different Mom"

Minerva smiled coldly " because I never liked your dear old husband dear and he was the best excuse to pull you in my trap".

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