Morna : goddess of death
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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76 reading material

That night Overlord spent alone while Minerva taught Morna ways to purify her body to allow easy access of energy, next morning gloomy Overlord opened the door to find both women laughing at something, which made him disgruntled. He took his breakfast and went to his study expecting his wife to greet him a good morning.

His fingers were typing randomly on his keyboard making tap- tap sound when finally Morna peeked her head inside the room " darling mom has never done shopping in Mortal world and she asked me take her there" before Overlord could reply the door was closed in his face.

His mouth was opened when door opened again, this time he was happy his wife finally realized her mistake and decided to dump her mother for her husband, he had big smile in his face waiting to patiently forgive his wife when Morna spoke " darling, you have to manage the office today and please attend the meeting with A lister stars, I will leave Adriana for you and take Tanner and big with me".

Overlord "_"

He shouted loudly "Adrianna " when Adriana came running " yes my Lord " He looked at the books in his study " I have realized I am lacking many crucial books in my library" Adriana was surprised as Overlord's library had power to defeat Supreme Lord's library.

"Which books can I arrange for you my Lord "

she asked. He replied in a serious tone " how to get rid of evil mother in law, find all corresponding books in the matter".

Adriana "_".

Morna and Minerva sat inside Overlord's luxurious car with Tanner tailing them when Morna asked Minerva " are you sure this is the only way, I am doing this just to solve this issue as soon as possible" Minerva held her hands and squeezed " I know baby girl and this is the only way to pull him out now tell me the richest casino in this country".

Morna was hesitant and confused about trusting her mother but replied " Callipay in Pasadena" Minerva grinned "then let's go shopping" Morna looked at her luxurious clothing and asked " what, why we can directly go there " Minerva grinned " when in Rome live like a Roman baby girl and we have to remove your husband's spies darling, starting with that delicious hunk Tanner, I like his muscular body, after running from your father I realized how many beautiful flowers are waiting for me to be plucked".

Morna " ewwww Mom".

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