Morna : goddess of death
75 Guest in the house
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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75 Guest in the house

Gala ended with a success that she wanted finally they reached their home and what surprised them was a huge ring if smoke coming from the house and fire raging around him. Morna jumped out of car with Overlord, looking at the mess Overlord took a deep breath and exhaled it pulling all the smoke within him and flicked his finger letting the fire cool down.

Morna looked at Overlord quizzically he looked innocent and replied " I think mother in law is a bit angry ". Morna was shocked " what she is here and you call all this a bit " She moved inside despite the snoot and charred smell and then they saw Minerva standing in the room waiting for them " you released Medusa from my temple, how dare you Overlord, for saving her you risked my life, you knew after dealing with Indra she will come for me for capturing her and giving her snake head".

Author's note : Minerva is Athena, her family members call her Minerva but for all she is create a bit suspense I changed her name to official one :p .

Overlord smirked " of course I knew she would come for you, who do you think is more important for me you or her" Minerva stumped her feet in anger shaking the building allowing more debris to fall and when a big chunk was about to fall over Morna's head Overlord again flicked his finger making it disappear all the while glaring at Minerva.

" you dare to come to my home and harm my property with my woman, do you consider me something or not Goddess of war" Minerva rolled her eyes she pulled a flute from her sleeve and a beautiful sound came from it and the house started to rebuild taking everyone by surprise, Minerva raised eyebrow and replied " this flute is personally given to me by God Terminus ( god of construction ) I just wanted to do something destructive and I think this is the cheapest way".

Morna "_"

Overlord "_"

Morna was toa happy after the successful gala to tolerate the nuisance she asked Minerva " what do you want mum" Minerva smiled pleased with her daughter she replied "I just want to stay with my daughter and my dearest son in law".

Overlord jumped to say no but Morna was quick to say yes, making overlord glare at both women but Morna Chose to ignore him and talked Minerva to see her room making Overlord sulk at the corner feeling betrayed.

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