Morna : goddess of death
74 Players in position
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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74 Players in position

Salez body was slumped on the girl and his soul standing beside him, he was looking curiously at his daughter who was contended in Morna's lap. Morna could see the yearning in his eyes, she was also in no mood to separate father and daughter. She looked at him and asked " I can allow you a chance to meet your daughter daily but you have to sacrifice something for that".

A smile bloomed in Salez's face which was enough answer for Morna " you have to leave the chance to reincarnate, you will be given direct admission in grim reaper academy and you can't come to mortal world in that period, and when the education will be over, which will take 3 years, you will become a full fledged grim reaper"

Morna was judging his expression when continued " Daily you will come to mortal world to collect souls and you will be given 1 hour lunch break in mortal world when you can meet her and we have already given her ghost vision allowing her to see you".Salez was overwhelmed and his soul returned to mortal world under the guidance of another grim reaper.

Tanner looked at Morna " you did good madam" Morna smirked " i know" and she left to rejoin the gala. When she reached the hall she was surprised to see Elizabeth happily chatting with Mitchell and she was impressed by his pace and finally she took a deep breath, her purpose for this gala was over and now she can play her game in peace.

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