Morna : goddess of death
73 Facing the truth
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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73 Facing the truth

He sneaked behind her turned her and made her look in his eyes and what happened next surprised him to the extent....He tried to move but his body itself started to resist, his mouth opened in surprise, and a snake slithered from Medusa's head and entered inside Salez's mouth slowly crawling inside

Medusa smirked " surprised, Indra...oh I mean Salez, I can read your eyes you know, you are surprised, how can I come outside Athena's temple, you have to thank Overlord for it,do you have any idea how long I waited for this moment, and now it's show time Indra".

Medusa moved back and let his body turn to rock till his neck which was controlled by her, when original Salez came back because of elixir, she let Morna took over, as she was hiding inside a portal created for this moment. Morna looked at Medusa "thank you and as per the deal, you can stay at underworld as long as you want and not as a captive but as a family, you can leave whenever you want".

Medusa acknowledged Morna and disappeared from the room, leaving struggling Salez for her. Morna looked at Salez " so, you are an old follower of Indra, am I right".

Salez glared " yes, me and my family worshipped him for many years,he promised me revenge for what Nilofer did with my own brother " Morna pulled some photos showing it to Salez...ohh the revenge you are talking about must be the luxurious cruise in the ocean, right Salez".

Salez widened his eyes " no you are wrong, he promised me he would torture them for me" Morna smirked " revenge you are talking about is him having the affair with a new model and actress Elizabeth, he was so busy enjoying his life in a body of mortal that your revenge was long forgotten".

Morna sat on the bed and looked at him with boredom " if he cared about you then he must have cared for your I right Salez" Salez said proudly " yes, because my father and his forefathers worshipped him he helped me" Morna started laughing " so, may I ask what did he do with your daughter when she was so, badly abused ".

Salez smirked " that's where you are wrong I don't have a daughter " Morna gave a light clap and Tanner came to him holding little Melinoe " meet your daughter Salez, and this is your DNA report which I got from your legal database, if you want you can check it all you want " Salez asked her "I don't trust it, if she is my daughter then she must have a star mark on her shoulder that's the mark for first child in my family that shows worship of Lord Indra".

Tanner lifted the sleeve of Melinoe showing the star but it was a bit faded. Morna said calmly " she has no worship for that bastard right now and I will never let her have any feeling for Indra except hatred because I have adopted her , so it is gonna disappear when she will turn 16, now let me tell you what happened when we found her, she was abused, malnourished and in poor physical condition at the time when we bombed their cruise".

Salez wanted to say something but Morna interrupted him "let me finish Salez because you have mere fifteen minutes to say your decision or Indra will takeover and I will let your revenge be on hold as an immortal from heaven he can't harrass a soul in living or dead form so, I am not sure if your sacrifice was worth it, whereas if you will do as I say I will personally deliver Nilofer and your brother to underworld and after removing Indra you will die but I will give you special appearance in underworld where you can torture them as much as you can".

Morna continued " I don't have much mood to wait for your decision as my husband is dealing with socialites all alone and you must be aware how vicious they can be when they saw prime meat like my husband, so if you will say yes I will proceed or I will leave".

Morna started to move to the door touching the door knob she looked at Salez " tick- tock Mr Salez" Salez shouted " yes I am willing" Morna smiled " good, now just say ""I reject your blessings Lord Indra leave my body right now, I break the contract" after Salez said that a white light flashed over Salez body and an angry Indra in luminous form came out " this is the last time I let you win Morna because Medusa confused me temporarily but next time I will kill your husband and capture you forever".

Morna calmly said " you can Indra, but as per heavens order once leaving the mortal body and killing him in process, you will be banned from entering Mortal world and till then we will see".

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