Morna : goddess of death
72 Good and bad surprise
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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72 Good and bad surprise

After a while Elizabeth got a beautiful set of gown and jewelry and it's brand was famous designer brand Lion Doir making her giddy, she went out to find Mitchell but he was nowhere to be found, letting the matter rest she searched for Salez and found him chatting with some officials, it some what hurt her seeing his negligence towards her feeling.

Finally the light dimmed and golden light fell on the gorgeous couple descending down literally from heaven through a pulley like system, people were in awe as both the couple wore black gown with golden cape for him and her but hers in feminine form their beauty and magnificence made every single person giddy, except two people, Elizabeth was jealous seeing their elegance and looks whereas Salez had rage burning inside him seeing Overlord holding Morna close to him.

Overlord felt Salez's rage but it only made him amused holding her chin he gave her a light kiss creating gasp from the audience, champagne in Salez hand broke in pieces shifting Elizabeth's attention making her confused, removing her hand he went out to stand at the balcony.

It was three hour at the party and Morna was tired greeting and meeting the mortals, she called Adriana and moved out of the hall. Adriana gave her the drink and Morna finished it in one gulp, Adriana warned " relax madam this is special wine for immortal it has same effect that strong alcohol has on mortals" Morna glared at her " Adriana remember your position, you can never question me what I can and cannot do".

Adriana gave an innocent face " madam, I had been serving you with all my loyalty, don't forget I was with you when you went to meet Lord Indra I risked my life for you and you questioning it makes me hurt". Morna scoffed " you knew a shdow guard was following me and still you didn't inform me as a result Overlord felt I betrayed him, you know this is the first time he kissed me and that to show it to Salez, do you have any idea how much it hurts".

Adriana tried to say something but Morna stopped her and moved upstairs saying " she want to be alone". While this was going on Salez was silently listening to the conversation and looked at Morna with confused look deciding between following her or not, but there was a feeling so strong and reserved only for Morna forced him to follow her".

Morna was busy opening the suite room reserved only for Overlord because not only it was good security wise it was covered by arrays that only Overlord and Morna could break, entering the room Morna closed the door and a quite sob was coming from the room making Salez frustrated".

Being an immortal he could see the array which would have been difficult to open otherwise but he had a devise that contained the power to break any array formation, quietly entering the room he say Morna standing there with her back facing him sobbing quietly, he sneaked behind her turned her and made her look in his eyes and what happened next surprised him to the extent....

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