Morna : goddess of death
71 Fish took the bai
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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71 Fish took the bai

finally the day of Gala came knocking at the door of Overlord and Morna and today was the day he could come out of underworld. Morna looked at Overlord analyzing him head to toe " I thought I would let you experience some beauty treatment and hair cutting but my man is too perfect, even I am scared of any change in this handsome sculpture like body".

listening to her there was a tinge of redness in Overlord's cheeks making Morna giggle " did I made the devil blush, oh my " Making Overlord look at her with stern look " don't try to change the topic, my dear it will not decrease my nervousness".

"darling just trust me and your newfound sister" This made Overlord shudder " hearing her as my sister, makes my skin crawl, do you know she is the most famous enemy of man in this entire universe, who would have known I would become her brother" Morna looked at him sternly he explained quickly " but being her brother is better than facing your anger" making Morna happy.

Finally the night of Gala has started with a bang,many limousine lined outside Chestfort Manor the largest and most exclusive mansion of all, paparazzi was jumping at every chance to capture as many celebs as they can, Elizabeth with Sheikh Salez came outside of Maybach and started posing as golden couple just behind them stood a couple with a bald man and his mistress who was famous for her notorious actions wearing same clothes"

After noticing this Elizabeth quickly escaped to changing room and started making some scene, she was embarrassed to even come out, just then a knock came on the door, opening it with hesitancy a charming voice came outside of her door " hey, Eli it's me, I just saw what happened, you see my date cancelled on me when I arranged her dresses and everything if you want you can change it to them and I can bring them in max 15 mins".

Listening to his voice Lizzy remembered the old days when he used to call her Eli, different from what others called her, she sniffled partly because of sadness over Mitchell and partly over her embarrassment, hesitantly she replied " I will be grateful for it Mitchell thank you".

Mitchell smirked and messaged Morna " fish took the bait madam, step 1 successful".

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