Morna : goddess of death
70 pages of pas
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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70 pages of pas

Everything was silent like silence after a storm, Mitchell stood up in front of Morna " I loved a girl, when the things with Janice happened I was already in the way of no return, that's when I met her , her name was Mary and she was the most sincere and honest person I met, she used to volunteer for young kid who are addicted to substance abuse".

He stood up drank some water and continued, his face showed he was revealing his deepest scars for us to see " she was so talented in make up and we were close when I got my first offer, she was helping me in overcoming my addiction and I gave her a job as make up artist assistant, she was so happy that day".

"My first movie received good response and in my next movie Elizabeth was my female lead, we both were new and became friends but she felt I was close to Mary than I was close to her and than she started her slow torture for Mary first she would scold her for small things insulting her in front of everyone but she never let me know that she was suffering"

" I was a fool and didn't know what was happening infact once I had fight with her saying she didn't understand me and my career and from that day she became aloof and ignored me as much as she can by the time I understood what was happening I was already on my third movie with Elizabeth"

" finally I confronted Elizabeth thinking she would change but she became more vicious and one day I heard Mary was admitted in the hospital for reaction burns on her face when I went there she was not willing to see me, I waited outside her room for two days when I went to my house to change and came back I found out she had committed suicide, what shocked me was she was the strongest person I knew and she would never do that"

" I was suspicious and when I investigated her case I found she gave some cream to Elizabeth which was expired which she didn't use but in retaliation she used many strong expired chemical product held her down by her allies and put every product on her face"

" after that I tried to find her death cause but my way was blocked in every way because that hospital was owned by Elizabeth's family and which confirmed my suspicions, finally I left the movie stopped all my association with her and recently she met a rich guy and now here we are, you asking me to date her".

Morna was calmly listening to Mitchell's words she knew everything from Overlord's file about his sins but what angered her was the hospital he was talking was owned by her family and it was her Gramp's dream which they misused, She looked at Mitchell " now you have more reason to date her because while dating you are destroying her, would you still say you are not willing".

Mitchell stood up " you presented a good reason for me to date her, I am willing madam just inform me what to do and I will be at your service".

After Mitchell left Morna looked at Medusa " would you like to comment" Medusa stood up and held Morna's hands " nothing new mortals are dramatic as always, let's go we need to do some shopping for tomorrow I need a new hair do after staying at that temple for so long"..

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