Morna : goddess of death
69 Mistakes
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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69 Mistakes

Mitchell stood up throwing his chair away " are you mad, I can't even look at that woman and you ask me to date her, yes you did huge favour to me and I am willing to be your slave for it and there is a reason for it".

Morna looked at Mitchell in disdain " you are saying you are willing to be my slave but let me ask you, are you capable to be my slave, do you have the qualification for that, other than pretty face and few acting tricks what do you have Mitchell".

Mitchell was in daze listening to her savage words " do you think I am sitting here without knowing anything, I know your each and every dark secret let me tell you some of them, when you were 16 years old you were caught for eve teasing some girl but being your first offend you were let go and no offense was recorded in the system, when you were 19 you have given your young teenage neighbor her first taste in drug and now she is a druggie undergoing several rehabs with many suicide attempt".

Mitchell was dizzy " how do you know that no one knows I gave her drugs not even her parents" Morna looked at him with disdain "yes you sneaked inside her room and blackmailed her that you will kill her if she told anyone, but do you know that young girl is dead now" just than his cell phone rang Mitchell picked it up after listening to what other person has said Mitchell sat down on the floor and looked at Morna " did you do anything".

Morna looked at Mitchell with disgust " her organs were slowly shutting down and doctor gave her few days, I didn't have to do anything Mitchell, your first dose when she was a teenage was enough to give her death in mere young age". Mitchell was bawling " but how do you know that" Morna whispered in his ears" there are many crimes where we thought there was no witness but you forget that some one is always watching you".

Morna went outside her office and looked at two people waiting for him " hello Kane, this must be your niece Janice"

author's thought :- Janice is the young girl we just talked about, she died because of overdose but her first time use was provided by Mitchell and Kane was waiting for his family and he knew about Janice and who was responsible for it, he just wanted Mitchell to know his small act caused his young niece to die and his younger brother and his family had to suffer indescribable pain because of it.

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