Morna : goddess of death
68 date the enemy
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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68 date the enemy

Morna stepped out of the room pulling Medusa with her, she looked at her calmly " can you maintain this tuft of snakes in your head, actually in mortal world we usually carry hairs on our head " Medusa flipped her hand and in her place a beautiful woman stood there, even Morna was surprised by her beauty.

" are you willing to be a new face of Mischief, I think I know what we were missing these days, you are enough to deal with Nirvana" Medusa mused "let me think being surrounded by admirers all around me, not a bad idea but what about sex scenes, I am never willing to do that".

Morna smiled " let me handle that and about Overlord let me be clear about him, he is my man and I dare you to look at him, and if you did that let me tell you my expertise is snake wine, and your head will give a good flavor to it".

Medusa smirked " let me be straight Overlord is super handsome but I hate his stick in the ass attitude, which make him unsuitable for me and frankly he is more of an irritating brother than a lover".

Morna smiled "I like to have you in our team Medusa let's kick some Indra's ass and let me explain what you are gonna do" Medusa looked at her confused " but Overlord introduced me just now how do you know his plan".

Morna laughed" you don't know but it is very easy to guess his plan you just need one thing" Medusa was more confused " what do we need" Morna smirked " his wife" Medusa could only roll her eyes and curse Morna for serving her dog food in excess".

Morna pulled her " come let me Introduce some one". In Morna's office Mitchell was fidgeting looking nervous Morna understood his feelings " how do you feel " Mitchell could only give a sarcastic smile " It feels like sitting in a debt collectors chair".

Morna leaned in her chair " and what makes you think you are not sitting in one, only difference is I will not cut your fingers or limbs I will just kill you and put your soul in a batter and deep fry you into bit size Manchurian balls".

Mitchell was now in a near nervous breakdown state when Morna grimaced " I was joking " and all of them laughed hiding their grimace while Morna was relaxed. Mitchell asked " what do you need from me " Morna leaned in her chair " you need to date Elizabeth Paterson".

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