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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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67 Fangirl

Morna was bored sitting at her dressing table when she remembered her favorite bird looking at her energy pool, she poked at now red and black bird who was in deep meditation, she planned to retreat but he opened his eyes startling her

" now you remember me, what they say about girls is not wrong, give them a man and all blood relation dilute in an instant" Morna shuffled her feet guiltily " actually we don't have blood relations, you were just a cursed rock that I kicked by mistake and that to in my previous life".

Flappy became more red in anger " kill the guy when he is down , thank God I am not some mere mortal bird or you would have killed me from starvation" Morna could not contain her guilt anymore and bowed down " sorry flap - flap, I was just allowing you time to heal well and again convert your feathers in beautiful red colour, even though Overlord healed you, your feathers do become black and look because of your efforts many has turned black to red".

Flappy became more angry " don't mention that guy, so what he healed me, he made me ugly in his jealousy" he was so disgruntled he flashed out of her body and looked at their bedroom " by the way where the hell is the guy,ohhh now I see he left you for another woman so, now you remember me.

This time Morna became angry " what other woman I dare him to even hold other woman". Suddenly Overlord popped in the room holding Medusa, Flap - Flap laughed out loud " you dare him to hold other woman, look in front of you he is getting cozy to other woman".

Just than Flap-Flap noticed tuft of snake on her head and screeched loudly " what the hell is this, how the hell can this guy leave you for a woman with snake head " after saying this he jumped inside Morna to be as far as possible from those snakes".

Author' s words : "As you know bird and snakes are enemies, seeing Flappy's reaction was normal".

Morna glared at Overlord and the woman. Suddenly Medusa came to Morna " what a beauty, where have you been hiding her brother, you know she is just my type, can you allow me to make her temple and pray to service her everyday".

Overlord ran to Morna separating her from Medusa " stay away from my woman,if not I have no problem bringing Athena here" Medusa became angry " low blow brother, don't forget you need me now and don't make me show you my real eyes".

Just than Morna went to Medusa and hugged her tightly startling everyone in the room and Flappy inside the energy pool " oh my god, finally I meet Medusa the infamous villain in God's realm, I am a fan of you from my previous life and then the Percy Jackson movie, I watched in mortal world many times just to see you and not the guy".

Medusa pulled snake from her hand and tightly tie it in her hand which after awhile took shape of bracelet " this is my first meet up gift for you, this snake charm will protect you and I like you girl you have the knowledge to find diamond among trash, I myself watched the movie and became fan of myself".

Morna pulled her to her office come let me show you some books I collected just to study you". Overlord was left with mouth open while the two woman moved out to chat.

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