Morna : goddess of death
65 Just kill you
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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65 Just kill you

Morna was relaxed playing wilt Mell ( nickname of Melinoe) while Overlord was thinking for a while, Morna understood something was going on but didn't force him to reveal. Overlord stood up and went outside while saying to Morna " I will be back on the day of Gala I will not be in contact range for these days So, don't worry about me".

And Overlord was gone like a wind while Morna was confused but after Mell started to cry she changed her mind to worry about him after all who would dare to harm King of Hell himself.

Overlord stood outside the deep jungle of Vanuatu island and then started to run, because this was guarded by magic barrier it was impossible to teleport and he could run and being an immortal he could run at lightning speed, finally he stood outside a temple which was in a poor dilapidated condition.

He went inside dark creatures like snake, scorpion and spiders slithered away scared of his presence. He was standing at the altar of Athena, He pulled a dark piece of cloth and placed on his eyes and also a sharp knife from his pocket slicing his finger, drops of blood slid down drop by drop to the bowl placed at the center of table, as soon as the bowl was full he poured it all over the altar walls and suddenly this old temple turned into well maintained and decorated temple.

And a beautiful woman stood at the center of stage. She could be called an enchanting beauty if not poisonous snake slithering on her head like a crown. " Sister can you deactivate your power so, I can remove this black cloth from my eyes".

A tinkling seducing laugh rang out and the woman flicked her hand and a white eye piece came over her eyes which disappeared after a while "Your blood is powerful enough to remove the illusion I created in this 300 years, you can open your eyes brother and tell me what do you need now". Overlord laughed out loud " you know me well Medusa but I am here to fullfil my promise to you".

Medusa snickered " let me think how long it was, hmm probably 300 years and why now Overlord, what has Indra done to you to use me to punish him". Overlord stood up " it's ok if you don't want to do that but let me tell you there is a saying in mortal world better late than never and I have a way to make you come out of this temple where Athena trapped you after you were raped by Indra and for making her temple dirty you were cursed to stay here forever , now the question is do you wanna come out".

Medusa became quiet " ok Overlord what do you plan to do". Overlord smirked " nothing much just kill you".

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