Morna : goddess of death
63 Death and documents
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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63 Death and documents

@@Morna was looking at some file when Adriana came to her " Madam I found something which might interest you" Morna didn't look up just paused her pen waiting for her to continue " Mrs Salez that is Nilofer is with her new husband her own brother in law are at some cruise in Arabian Ocean right now but there is someone their with her"

Still Morna didn't reply Adriana cleared her throat " Her one year old daughter" This time Morna looked up and asked "Nilofer left Salez one and half year back. So, the question is who is the child's father " Adriana paused " that is still a pending question" Morna raised her eyebrows " then find out we just have 7 days Adriana and I am sure you understand what that means".

Bowing her head Adriana left, Morna paused from her work turned to look at window "this child is the key to all answers" At evening Morna was lying in Overlord's bed while he did his work when Adriana came " mam we got the result She is Salez's child".

Morna smiled " good then I hope you know what I got to do". Adriana nodded and left the couple behind. Overlord pulled Morna in his arms " how are you gonna kill them " Morna grinned " how do you know I will kill them" Overlord showed her a black paper " this page contain all miscellaneous death that are gonna happen due to supernatural involvement and guess which two name got updated recently".

Morna smirked " ohhh you are quick I love it when you talk about all these deaths and documents" Overlord smiled indulgently " only you will like that" while pulling her in his arms and loud gasp and moan rang in the room. While couple enjoyed their moments.

That night a helicopter secretly landed on a cruise in Arabian Ocean when a child was placed carefully inside after that it disappeared quietly at night when a huge blast rang at the ship colouring the ocean red"

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