Morna : goddess of death
62 Cat and mouse
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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62 Cat and mouse

" what do you plan to do with this" asked Overlord. Morna grinned I will make him drink your elixir and convince the person whose body he is controlling to say the words " leave my body" Overlord looked at her indulgently " how are you gonna convince him".

Morna pouted " I know you will help me find his weakness, won't you darling" Overlord was happy his wife was asking him something, he nodded "of course darling" Morna was happy. Overlord flicked his fingers and red file emerged out of thin air. " this is all the details of Sheikh Salez that you need to know about his family members and the things he liked or disliked".

Morna open the file checked the details that she needed to find Sheikh Salez had a younger brother and a wife as only living relative and it is said the younger brother eloped with his life and this created a cult like dedication towards Lord Indra, now Morna knew what she had to do was bring back this eloping couple and make Salez demand is body back which would be difficult but interesting thought Morna.

But Morna was surprised "you already knew this and still made me do all the work, you jerk " she started hitting his chest complaining and pouting showing her grievances. Overlord indulged her and answered " darling right now you are a small vibrant butterfly that came just out of her cocoon and I need you to experience all the work that need to be done to find the solution for obstacle that you are facing right now"

Morna nodded her head admitting her mistake

Overlord asked " how do you plan to make him drink the elixir as I told before he is very difficult to be tricked" Morna grinned "leave it to me and let this butterfly do her magic". after 7 days you can return to mortal world and at that moment grand party will be held by Mischief entertainment and all big celebrities will be invited and that will be the moment where I will make Indra drink the elixir".

Next day a black envelope was sent again this time for celebrating welcome of chairman Rex himself. Indira played with the envelope that he was holding and gave a vicious smile " we have long played the game of cat and mouse and now it's time to pay the debt Lucifer Rex I will wait for you".

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