Morna : goddess of death
61 Discovery
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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61 Discovery

Morna was tired and her eyes were ready to pop out despite being an immortal this book was huge and she had not done this much work in many years and only twelve hours have passed. A knock sounded at the door she looked up and saw Grammy standing there looking at her while covering her giggle.

" Oh dear why does it feel like a tsunami went through you, if I knew you would be in this condition I would have given this to you sooner while she pulled out an unlit lamp and placed it on the table she lit it with a flick of her fingers when green light came through it".

Morna looked at Grammy questionably, Grammy smiled " this is a little trick someone taught me at underworld when I was working here, this lamp is knowledge carrier lamp, it absorb the knowledge from the book and pass it to a person near it's light and you just have to sleep while it will do the job"

Morna squealed and hugged Grammy " thanks a lot, you saved me long hours of study" and in a second she was out like light, Grammy smiled placed her hands on her head and finally went out. Next morning, Morna yawned loudly when she felt pain in the head as if she was in fast forward many things flashed behind her eyes, things she learnt were getting sorted inside her head which was causing her headache, she grimaced then sat for meditation letting calm wash over her.

It took her three hours to sort the huge book, when she opened her eyes she smiled brightly "I got it how to deal with Indra". She ran to Overlord's study jumped on his lap and grinned " darling I got it, I know how to control that pest Indra, but I need something"and a cute puppy dog expression came on her face.

Overlord ignored it on outside, while on the inside he was melting " aww, my wife is so cute, specially with her disarrayed hairs and soulful eyes", still he cooled his expression " what do you want" she showed him three fingers " one, I learnt an immortal God of heaven has bright aura which is difficult to hide, so he controls over a mortal's body who had been praying for him, with true heart and these God's take over there body"

Overlord was impressed with her discovery " I am happy you used my invention nicely" Morna was surprised " you made that lamp and gave it to Grammy and made her wait deliberately to make me feel miserable studying that massive book, you jerk" Overlord grinned " that was my first punishment for you for going to Nirvana, just you wait as more to come my dear".

Morna's face contorted to grimace " you are truly a devil, no doubt you will play with your prey, I will forgive now because I love you so much darling, did you see the depth of my feelings for you" Overlord grinned "I know Mrs Devil your forgiveness is because you want Niyantran elixir from me".

Morna was surprised " this man knew her too well, she need to be more mysterious" still she grumbled " ok you win" Overlord grinned " I can't hear you" she kissed on his lips while murmuring " you won darling" while grinning from inside " so what he knows my trick this is my master key to deal with the king of hell"

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