Morna : goddess of death
60 Book of rule
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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60 Book of rule

@@"what did that bastard told you " Morna hugged his waist " he wanted to pursue me" coldness flashed in the room " darling I am cold control your chill please, I have some standard how can I even take him as my pursuer" Overlord controlled his anger after listening to her sweet voice, he knew his wife was capable to turn him into a mush.

Morna turned sober and looked at Overlord " now dealing with Lizzy has turned more difficult, to get my attention he will protect her" Overlord pulled her to his chest " from the look in your eyes I think you are planning something which I would not like, am I right darling"

Morna turned her face innocent and gullible " darling I just plan to invite him to dinner like he invited me for drink and I might use that to separate him from Lily" Overlord's face turned gloomy " do you think your mere tricks will make him defeated, if so you are still a child and I can't let you play in adult's ground"

Morna pouted " then what should I do" Overlord turned to her " did you study anything while you were in hell, before entering the game you should know the rules, come with me " he pulled her to his palace after many sharp turns he pulled her to a room it was a palace in its self with millions of books he pulled a huge book and placed in the table, take this it will tell you all about the things that an immortal God can't do, just make him break one of these rules and make him banish from mortal world".

Looking at the thickness of book Morna gulped, while Overlord smirked inwardly " this will make his naughty wife busy for a while" While on outside he maintained his poker face. Morna took a deep breath and opened it a gust of dust flew outside " when has someone last read this" she asked " I did when I was 5 it was million years back"

Morna was agape " is there a crash course or guide book for this " Overlord shook his head and moved out while smiling and Morna perspiring from looming study work she had to do"

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