Morna : goddess of death
59 kill me with worry
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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59 kill me with worry

After a while everything finally cooled down on TV news about earthquake in there building was playing. Morna touched Overlord's shoulder where a gash was still healing " how did you get injured this badly, what did you do "

2 hours back

Overlord was attending one of his long meeting where reincarnation and death ratios were discussed when Tanner ran to the meeting hall, seeing him Overlord went out of the room " what in the heaven are you doing here , you were supposed to be Morna".

Tanner was on his knees with his head bowed down " Master I am sorry I failed to perform my duties, my lady asked me, big and Leo to do some official work after I left to do that , the shadow guard you assigned for her informed me saying madam when to a building owned by Nirvana I went to enquire to find no information so far".

Which office you are talking about, don't tell me the old theater " Tanner bowed his showing his answer a huge rage burst in the entire hell, making all the underworld cower in fear. In a flash Overlord disappeared in front of his eyes, Tanner also dashed because he was afraid what Overlord was gonna do and what consequences he is gonna face.

Yama ran to the portal he created for himself and Morna it was closest to mortal world their was a thin wall at the cross over, he dashed to the wall and banged at it with full force, a shock wave ran through out the hell and the building shook with earthquake like activity.

But the wall was created by supreme Lord himself and it was impossible for him to break, but it didn't stop him one bit and the struggle continued, even touching the wall was extremely painful for him but still his hand never stopped in trying to break the wall, wherever he touched a wound formed there.

Tanner couldn't watch anymore and he tried everything in his power to stop him but lashed out by Overlord for every try he was slashed with sharp wings of Overlord as they were spread out in agitation and prevented anyone to stop him, there was wildness in Overlord's eyes and it scared him for the first time with every bit of strength he resisted Overlord and at his attempt to break the wall.

Finally footsteps rang outside the room and voice of Morna reached Overlord's ear and on its own his wings retracted like his defences crumbled as soon as he heard her voice, tired Tanner closed his eyes and darkness welcomed him.

Present time

Morna was silent after listening to what happened she looked at Overlord and grinned " this proves you worry about me a lot, you love me so much darling" she kissed him at lips, eyes while giggle escaping her lips while Overlord sulked " don't think I forgive you for taking risk by acting cute. So, next time inform me when you plan to kill me with worry.

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