Morna : goddess of death
58 Curtain of indifference
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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58 Curtain of indifference

Repeatedly a banging sound came from inside shaking the whole floor Morna asked Adriana to stay outside and ran inside, the scene that greeted her made Morna shudder because Overlord was covered in huge jagging wounds from which the blood was running out because of continuous tries of breaking the wall separating underworld from mortal world.

She ran to him and hugged him tightly, his body was wound tight , his ragged breath rang in my hair I held him to make him calm I saw Tanner lying in the corner unconscious with slashed wound on his back. I called Adriana and she came in quick as if waiting for my call. I asked her to take Tanner outside and find out what happened.

After a while Overlord calmed down and wound in his body self healed slowly I made him sit down he held my face tightly " how could you do this Morna only thing I asked you when I sent you to mortal world was not to do anything with Nirvana I don't want you to deal with them and you went for a afternoon tea with Indra himself, don't you remember your own death".

Morna shushed him " relax I knew what I was dealing with it, if I knew it would harm me I would have never went there, didn't you forget that killing is not allowed in headquarters of heaven, so he can't kill me even if he wanted to " Overlord stood up " are you nuts do you think killing is the only thing he can do , can't you think that there are many ways to break you and I don't want to name them "

Morna could only bow down her head " do you have any idea what a failure I felt when you died, what pain I went through after seeing your lifeless body, I am king of hell and there were many crimes I did and never once I regret them but escaping from your father's prison and not able to reach you on time killed me".

Morna hugged him tightly while for the first time he cried, Morna regretted going to meet Indra and seeing Overlord like that, for the first time she felt the burden an immortal God carry while living in this world for thousand of years where on the daily basis they experience death, loss and either they became indifferent or lost but sometimes even this curtain of indifferent comes down and she can't blame Overlord for that.

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