Morna : goddess of death
57 Confrontation
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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57 Confrontation

while Adriana was feeling excited and proud seeing her Madam's action she still maintained her pose when a crisp clap sound rang from the man " wonderful lady Demornna I am impressed that you identified me when my appearance is so different from the previous time I met you".

Morna smirked " oh I know all about your appearance the curse that made you ugly but I know all about the unfairness of you people you easily cured yourself while my husband suffered his stone body for years and as for me identifying you I am sure you have heard a story where a donkey wore a lion skin and pretended to be a lion but later revealed"

Snorting she continued " I don't know why you reminds me of that story whatever look you carry in whichever life it would be I can always remember you and as for how I recognized you was not a big deal just you calling me Demornna was enough to recognize you"

By the time Morna finished Indra was gritting his teeth but still he smiled and sat elegantly on a huge sofa made of grass " I am glad I am involved so deep with you that you can remember me with just a glance, why don't you sit with me have a wine and we can chat calmly forgetting all about our past and start a new journey" Just than a beautiful glass of wine was presented to Morna.

She smile politely declining the offered wine, she stood at her spot " Indra you should know I don't like you and if I can forget everything I can not forget you killed me in my previous life and you will never be someone with whom I want to have chat with, so explain to me why did you call me here".

Indra chuckled " in immortal life death is not a big issue it is just a pause for a while, in your previous life I tried to convince you so many times that the Overlord was not good but your thinking ability was long lost because of that guy , now I am giving you a chance come back to me and I promise you will not regret".

Morna started shaking with laughter " I am amazed at myself just to listen to your blabbering I came all over to this nuisance place, I am going back and please don't say the cliche dialogue that I can't go back once I come here because my mood is not good after meeting you, so if you may".

Without waiting for him Morna started to move back when Indra laughed " lady Demornna this is the last pass I allow you to go but don't forget I won't allow you to leave so easily, it was a pleasure meeting you as always ".

Morna moved out of the building with Adriana following behind, Adriana couldn't curb her curiosity " mam what was that about, how can we come out so easily and why did we even go back to meet him" Morna smirked " sometime having a direct confrontation is better now I am clear he has no intention to protect Lizzy he acted as her boyfriend just to meet me but he will use her against me but won't protect her, and this time the game is getting interesting".

" we need to carefully check our enemies position before we confront them and this is just what we did now, come fast, there is an angry lion waiting for us".

Just than a loud roar rang in the bedroom of Morna with a huge crashing sound.

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