Morna : goddess of death
56 Thirst to kill
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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56 Thirst to kill

Morna stood outside the door of The Room it was famous for it's mystical elements. Location of this building was at the center of city office and it was just an old dilapidated building to normal eyes but once you hold the invitation you can see the true power of heaven.

She looked at Adriana which was confused standing at the gate of old theater she took the envelope held it in front of Adriana and said calmly " hold it" Adriana did as asked what happened next made her rub her eyes because in front of her was standing a huge building who top was not visible while standing at the ground adriana's mouth was agape in amazement Morna closed her jaw and muttered "don't embarrass me".

Adriana calmed her emotion suddenly, she pulled out her sword which was exclusive to Royal guards then she looked at Morna " ma'am don't you think it's dangerous we should inform the Overlord" Morna looked at her " don't make me question your intelligence, this invitation is made for me and it's my battle to win and I hate damsel in distress roles that some female love to portray I know my ability and what you don't know is I am more than capable to handle This, now don't make me waste my breath on you"

With that she moved inside the huge building where for her dangers lurked and still she found it interesting like a kid in a candy store Morna was a curious little cat while Adriana was a hovering mother who was desperately trying to take her kid back home and in her case back to Overlord.

A man in white suit and blue tie stood at the gate he had an amusing mix of elegance and beauty, he was biting his lips desperately waiting for Morna, when he saw her he gave her a shy smile

" young lady My master was waiting for you since the party he even made me deliver it to your car before the party ended and we all thought you will soon come to our office but you took 12hr which was maximum in history, all women are anxious to meet him".

Morna looked bored while Adriana made a warrior pose still holding her sword. Morna ignored both of them and moved to the only elevator in the entire floor and only one floor was visible throughout the elevator, shrugging her shoulder Morna pressed it, while Adriana with drooped her shoulder and followed her mistress to whatever danger awaits them.

Instead of moving above it moved horizontally and after a while moved up finally coming to a stop in front was a long red door Morna pushed open the door and in front of her stood a huge garden with birds flying around Adriana had her mouth agape, she looked at Morna but Morna already had her poker face ready and in front of her stood a man whose resemblance was similar to that of madhater in Alice the wonderland with a huge broad cap and a feather on it only difference was that what he wore was completely white and a red boa feather matched the attire beautifully.

He bowed like a gentleman " thank you Lady Demornna for welcoming us with your presence" Morna raised her eyebrows and replied " I wonder what is the purpose of Lord Indra the ruler of heaven to be a pretend boyfriend of my sister and send an invite to me you should know I hate surprises because once surprised a thirst for death rises within me and I don't want to be a rude guest to you"

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