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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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55 Loyalty

Morna laid her head on Overlord's chest enjoying the calm and peace after exhausting her energy. She looked at the file hanging from the edge of bed after their vigorous activity She picked it up and looked at him while reading the information inside, it was detailed information about Sheikh Salez.

Interesting thing was there was in depth information about Salez but still there were some missing piece like his details made him perfect living being for example there were no sins in his name, no history of misconduct, no stain whatsoever, how can a person living at mortal world in so much political pressure, owning oil mines and dealing with shady people have such a clean perfect life.

He is hiding something big, Overlord smirked it's not that he is hiding something because I have each person's life history with me as it is used for after death evaluation but his records are not exactly in hell archive, like his records were created and placed them in my underworld's record and I believe he has something to do with Nirvana and if they do what is he doing hanging out with Elizabeth Patrick.

"you know these people from heaven realm are very snotty let alone date they would not talk to mortals I know they knew about your connection with Elizabeth, her being your sister. They should not target you now, you are just a newbie what is attractive about you is that you are my wife " While Overlord was musing Morna was glaring daggers at him

she sneered " don't you think you are being overbearing right now if you think I am so incapable then please let me leave you I don't deserve you darling" with that she stood up and marched towards the door.

Seeing her face Overlord ran towards her he put on a puppy eyes look held her edge of gown while said in cute whiny voice " honey don't be like this I was just thinking stupid" Morna ignored him went to changing room and left him to go outside after that.

Overlord stood regretting his decision, that night Morna spent sleeping in her office while again reading the information about Salez that she read in the file made by Overlord, she looked at her window thinking of a solution for this problem, she called Tanner.

Tanner was aware that his Madam was serious about some matter, he bowed his head and waited for his order. Morna looked at him for a while asked in mild tone " Tanner your loyalty lies with whom" Tanner swallowed " Mam my loyalty resides with Underworld" Morna took a deep breath " go and call Adriana" Tanner was confused did he say something wrong.

Adriana stood similarly like Tanner waiting for Morna " Adriana your loyalty lies with whom" Adriana waited for a while " Madam when I was selected I was told I had to follow you in any form of order your words are my duty and my loyalty lies with you"

Morna smiled " no wonder everyone says women are smartest creature made by god" taking her Overcoat she went to her door then turned to Adriana who was confused " come we need to meet with Sheikh Salez, I need a strong loyal support and it's time you prove your loyalty".

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