Morna : goddess of death
54 Making her Purr R18
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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54 Making her Purr R18

Finally the night of party came to an end, Morna went to her bedroom where awaits Overlord lying on the bed with only blanket covering his lower part, his chest was glistening in the bedroom light while he was calmly reading some file, his appearance made Morna palpitate with lust sweat covered her palm while her breathing quickened, still maintaining her calm facade she went to the bathroom to change after wearing a red gown covering her mid thigh with plunging lacy neckline.

She sat on the edge of the bed calmly clasping her hands while waiting for him to finish reading the file. Overlord had smirk on his lips while observing his wife's antics " darling we have been doing each other since two months, you are usually tiger but today seeing you docile like a cat is making me excited and anxious, is this the reward for today's event"

Morna jumped in his arms and purred sweetly " darling I am just thankful for helping me arrange all proofs and convincing Kaine to do dream call, infact I know the obstacles I faced were cleared by you and this was just a thank you and I love you gift "

Overlord bit her neck making her squirm " I like this cat version of yours, do continue this I am more than willing to make you purr with that he slid the sleeves from her arm while kissing her neck , he took her globes and flicked her nipples making her pant and started suckling them he flicked his hand and red burning candle appeared in his hand which placed over her stomach slowly the wax drizzled down her stomach making it painful then he again flicked his finger and red wine came to his hands he took a sip letting wine rest in his mouth then placed his lips on the wax letting cool wine relax it.

This hot and cold sensation made her crazy with passion burning deep inside, suddenly he brought the candle to her inner thighs and again repeated the process the pain and pleasure was so intense she felt fluid gushing out of her core making her face go red.

Overlord placed his finger inside her hole while started sucking her clitoris, at that point she forgot everything and her mewl rang in the room "that's the cat I love " said overlord while flicking his tongue and letting her fly.

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