Morna : goddess of death
53 face slapping part 5
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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53 face slapping part 5

Donald had tears running down his face, while Missy was holding his hands and leaning on his shoulders while sobbing he continued " our little boy was sick when he was born , he had congenital heart disease called atrioseptal defect, it was diagnosed much later he had difficult childhood with home schooling and no interaction with other kids."

" he knew about his health, so he had one wish that he could go to school, it was such a small wish how could we ignore it, when he first went there he was excited to meet new friends and ready to face the world but he never expected that when he went to school he was treated either with pity or ignored for being sick, my little boy started crying after he came back the first day, we wanted to stop him but he insisted and suddenly he came back so happy he exclaimed"

" mom, mom there is a boy he talks to me, he steals my lunch but no problem I know he has home problems and he is too skinny, please make two lunch for me and him, he was so accepting to Mitchell because for the first time someone treated him like a normal boy even if it was in the form of bullying but at least he had interaction with someone throughout the school and one day he wanted to gift that boy something and after long search I gave him a little toy, he took it it to school and same day we were informed his health deteriorated leading him to coma, he came back for few minutes in which he said to me

" momma can you tell Mitchell I forgive him, he broke his own gift but don't worry I will gift him my blessings after I am gone " and after that he left us, my little boy never blamed him then how could I blame him infact we are thankful he allowed my child to be like a normal kid rather than a sick child.

I know he ran many charities in my child's name I like this young man like my own son but I never contacted him infact there was some part within me that wanted to blame him but just two days back I had a dream of Mike making me remember his last words and than Mrs Luca contacted me I am very happy to be able to tell everyone about my precious little boy may his soul rest in peace"

Many people were crying seeing that and Mitchell just sat near there feet crying loudly all media company were recording this piece while Morna went to a man leaning on the wall, Kaine stood up " I didn't know I was so pathetic when I was in mortal world, no wonder I am a grim reaper in my current life as I was so grim in my mortal one " Morna hugged him secretly " aww you are my favorite grim reaper how could you be grim and thank you for contacting them through dream "

Kaine grumbled " don't thank me when you face the pressure I face from your dearest husband, you would do anything for saving your ass" Morna laughed " don't worry tonight I will reward him for that " Kaine grinned " can you record it as my gift" Morna chuckled " wait let me ask Overlord for his permission about you watching me naked " Kaine shrieked loudly " Noooo" and disappeared like puff leaving Morna grinning alone

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