Morna : goddess of death
52 Face slapping part 4
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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52 Face slapping part 4

@@Morna was prepared for every situation hence she smiled at Elizabeth warmly " I would have expected this question from many people in this room but never from Miss Patrick because I heard Ms Patrick and Mr Mitchell were famous and most sought out couple in our industry, I would have expected that at least you yourself will support your friend and if not partner but colleague in his problems".

Elizabeth was shocked at the direct approach of Mrs Luca, she coughed trying to control her embarrassment " it's not that I don't trust Mitchell, it's just more transparency will be good for his own image". Morna was already ready with her sharp words " Ms Patrick it's not about what public think but more about what do you think about your own colleague with whom you have shared silver screen more than six time".

Morna has placed Elizabeth strategically in a position where she could only support Mitchell or else her decision to work with him in six films will tarnish her image of supporting a person who is ill repute. She smiled "of course Mrs Luca I know Mitchell very well in last three years I have worked with Mitchell were very enlightening, he is a very kind and helping person, he has helped many staff members in time of need" she had a polite smile on her face but was gnashing her teeth from inside.

Mrs Luca smiled " to support Mitchell and make other people like Miss Patrick believe I have more proofs right now I was just checking the opinion of members of film industry before the verdict was given" this was said looking pointedly at Elizabeth. Elizabeth could only grit her teeth.

just than an old couple entered the hall, their appearance was absolutely normal making people curious about them, just than Morna smiled warmly at them and hugged the woman tightly in her arms, she took her arm and led her towards the stage the couple moved to the stage the man continued " I am Donald and this is my wife Missy we are parents of a little boy who is not with us, Mike"

A loud gasp rang in the hall and even Mitchell

started crying loudly seeing the couple.

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