Morna : goddess of death
51 Face slapping part 3
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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51 Face slapping part 3

There was a wave of hush and whisper throughout the crowd every one had their eyes fixed on Mitchell, while some looked at Morna in confusion, a reporter jumped out of the crowd he was the renowned editor of Socialite newspaper, the best selling newspaper only available to creamy layer of society

" Mrs Luca are you saying Mr Mitchell was a bully when he was young, don't you think your words will ostracize him from the society, let alone his career". Morna had a peaceful look on her face as if she was not involved in what was being said.

Just than the huge LED screen behind them was filled with images of a young boy and his parents, it would have been a pretty family picture if not for the bruises covering the mother and child's faces there was a huge bruise on left eye of mother, a scarf covering her neck and full sleeved dress shirt, whereas the young boy had huge marks on his hands and cheek swollen while the father looked normal healthy man.

A huge gasp rang in the hall, some were able to relate the little boys face to Mitchell, next image was medicolegal reports of Samantha Wills and Master Mitchell Wills with history of broken bones and old fractures with bruises was seen among them. After displaying these images, Morna looked at the audience with despair on her face, her tears glistening in her eyes, she took a deep breath and continued

" When a person is not secure in his home it destroys that person's foundation and many of you can understand that when a little boy is abused and his mother injured right in front of him, can you understand the anger and helplessness he must be feeling and when that anger was not channeled properly it could sometime disrupt him from right path and that was what happened to young Mitchell, in his school life he became a bully, this was how was this little boy trying to show his anger to this world he would have been destroyed if he had not met young boy Mike Adams".

" Mike being weak and small as compared to his age was on the radar of Mitchell when he tried to bully Mike, but the interesting thing was despite his treatment Mike always had a smile on his face" suddenly image of a little boy came on the screen his face had a big smile which made many people smile just looking at him.

This smile confused little Mitchell and made him angrier he sometime took his books, destroyed his stuffs like his bag, lunch etc but once Mitchell destroyed a little soldier that he always used to carry with him and for the first time Mike started crying which agitated little Mitchell he said loudly " why are you crying" but Mike didn't reply instead he fainted on the spot, when taken to hospital he was already in coma and under guilt Mitchell was not able to meet him because he didn't want to stress his abused mother, and didn't have strength to ask his father.

Finally Mitchell ran from his home and went to hospital by himself he roamed in the corridor searching for little Mike he heard a woman crying outside a room following her he peeked inside the room and found Mike sleeping on a bed and doctor covering his face with white bed sheet and seeing many television he already knew what happened and still listening to their conversation when doctor said " we couldn't save him" little Mitchell ran from the room and he spent throughout his life to help children from bullying and abused women and children"

She looked sharply at all the people in the hall continuing " if I say he was a bully I understand what was his reasons to be a bully" Just than a crisp voice rang in the hall it was none other than Elizabeth Patrick top and upcoming actress " Mrs Luca how can you ask us to believe what you said just because of mere picture" there was a menace in her eyes but she covered it with an innocent look. Making audience doubt again.

Morna smiled thinking " good , very good I didn't want to destroy you today but you yourself started the journey of your own destruction"

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