Morna : goddess of death
49 Party and some face slapping part 1
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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49 Party and some face slapping part 1

A golden envelope was delivered to all big members of entertainment industry, card itself depicted bold, elegant and aloof personality with it's bold dark letters it's border was embedded with diamond. Creamy layer from top entertainers were chosen mostly those associated with Mischief were there but some members of Nirvana were also invited alongside some huge conglomerates.

Big news agencies were invited with invitees names were kept hidden showing there importance. Finally the evening for masquerade came huge expensive cars and limousine stood at the red carpet this event was co organised with Mitchell one of the top actor and Mischief entertainment, news of new sign up in Mischief was anticipated as Mitchell just came out of contract from his previous company.

Morna stood in front of her huge mirror in apartment, this was the only area sealed off for normal servants and only Rose and Lily was allowed inside because this room was the only place where Overlord could come and go as he pleased this was an array of portal connecting between Mortal and underworld.

The dress Morna was wearing was a surprise from Overlord it was Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur it is the name of a dress that is estimated to be worth $30 million, which can be attributed to its creation by a well-known Malaysian designer named Faiyzali Abdullah as well as the cost of the materials that went into it. Some examples range from chiffon and silk to Swarovski crystals and 751 diamonds. The result is certainly stunning, but the cost is stunning as well for a wholly different reason.

Along with the dress was an exquisite sunrise Ruby set, it is set to be most expensive Ruby ever made, it's name derived from 13th century Sufi poet Rumi. Morna looked at Overlord exasperated " was all this necessary, don't you think the matter will shift from charity to me if I dress like this"

Overlord slid his hand on his wife's waist " darling this is your first time entry to the world , you have maintained a mysterious persona till now, and if you will not give them your true magnificent entry to the world , you will disappoint them and it is said red colour indicates victory and power and being my wife you are already far above them, then why can't you show them".

Morna held his neck and bit his lips " not only your wife but also goddess of hell, you can't ignore that". Overlord grinned " goddess of hell but that to after marrying me" Morna looked at him " we are gonna skip your self importance, if you want to have sex tonight darling, otherwise don't complain later that I am a she devil because that I am".

With that she stuttered herself to Rose who was ready for makeup and Lily for her hair do.

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