Morna : goddess of death
48 Mitchell part 3
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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48 Mitchell part 3

@@After a while Mischell calmed down but there was still a lingering sadness with it. " now what are you gonna do the other person is asking me four million dollars, it's everything I have and still there is no guarantee that the secret will not be revealed"

Morna calmly sipped water and looked at him with resolute expression " I can solve your problem in few steps but first I want to know what are you gonna give me " suddenly Mischell sat next to her feet bowing his head he replied " since the moment I met you I felt assured that my problems are going to be solved without even knowing what you could do, if you will solve this I will be your slave and do whatever you wish for me to do"

Morna stood up moved towards the door turning to him she replied " tomorrow evening at eight sharp prepare a masquerade charity gala to provide treatment, counseling for young children who suffer from bullying and raging done in colleges and also for women anti abuse programme that helps and support mother and children against the abuse they suffer at home and leave the rest for me"

Morna went inside the car where Adriana was waiting for her " mam what are plans for tomorrow" Morna smiled " I want all medical records of Mitchell available from his childhood and any police complaints filed by his mother, and prepare a mask for me with outfit for tomorrow's event and contact all major media company I want full coverage for tomorrow"

Tanner grinned while driving " his madam is preparing another hellish program, devil protect those who are about to get slaughtered tomorrow".

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