Morna : goddess of death
47 Mitchell part 2
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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47 Mitchell part 2

@@" what the hell are you doing here" hissed Morna looking at the grim reaper guy that picked her up after her death, it felt like ages but it had been mere one month in hell and one year in mortal world, so much has changed.

Seeing goddess of hell herself grim reaper Kaine bowed to her " accept my welcome your highness, taking you to underworld increased my rating as grim reaper there, now I am the most sought out person here and as for this guy, he was supposed to die five minutes back because of overdose on sleeping pills but your supreme presence avoided that"

Morna looked at Mischell who was about to enter with water she tried to normalize her expression then smiled at Mischell " I know all about your matter that happened when you were a teenager and the kid you used to bully died unexpectedly and you were a suspect, after trial you were declared innocent as the kid died of natural causes and your involvement in the record sealed and now someone is blackmailing you with that information twisting it making it look like a murder".

" if it is leaked you are finished you will be prosecuted in the eye of people, who don't care if you are innocent or not, if I were you I would have taken some pills and killed myself".Mischell's eyes were wide open while Morna kept her poker face on, she sensed his distress and continued " but I know you will never do that because all the while I have known as your fan and as another human being I know you were willing to thrive facing all the obstacles on your way, when you were a rookie you stood in the sun for 3 days before director selected you for third lead, for a movie you learnt mountain climbing despite being afraid of heights, you did so many charities in the name of the boy killed by staying anonymous I know you will thrive even in this situation"

After listening to her Mischell couldn't control himself and started crying like a baby, she was unknown to him but knew his deep down secrets he was amazed about who she was and how did she know all this.

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