Morna : goddess of death
46 Mischell part 1
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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46 Mischell part 1

@@Finally Morna accepted her role as CEO of Mischief entertainment, it had been one week but each and every staff understood her temperament, she was a live wire who was very injurious to them and other than her personal staff no one was allowed inside her room.

She was an epitome of mystery that no one dared to solve and just like that her name spread around the entertainment circle as women who is powerful and mysterious and very few took a glimpse at her.

Looking at her window Morna called Andrea " it's been one week since I am here what's the status of the project I mentioned ". Andrea bowed respectfully " mam I already looked at what you asked Mischell is leaving his current company but there are speculation he may join Nirvana, I tried to contact him but there was no response" Morna stood up " give me his address, and let me do the rest"

Morna stood in front of huge bungalow, she rang the bell a few times when there was no response, she picked her cell sent a message waited for a few second when door was opened and there stood dishevelled Mischell looking a bit haggard but still carrying a charm that made him a heartthrob " who are you and how do you know about it? " there was anger in his tone but anxiety could be felt hidden in it.

" I am not here to tell you how I found out about it but how will I solve it, now may I come inside" Mischell went inside followed by Morna she looked at the decor and stood in from of his personal gun collection

" impressive" she murmured " I this this is Nambu from WW2 and this is Winchester 1873 but I like Parker shotguns better, but your collection is impressive" she suddenly became silent gazing at one direction then she looked at Mischell " may I have a glass of water"

Feeling questions rising inside him Mischell did as asked, Morna turned to empty space whispering " what the hell are you doing here"

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