Morna : goddess of death
45 Compensation
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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45 Compensation

"Mam all shareholders with upper adminstrative officials are at the reception waiting for your welcome, Mr Lincoln headed the group" this was said by Tanner while Andrea waited patiently for Morna's action.

Morna lay down on the bed saying resignedly " ohh what a headache I have as a new appointed CEO this disrespect made me feel unwell, go ask these group of oldies how are they gonna compensate me"

Andrea was grinning at her Madam's shamelessness " yes madam I will do as you ordered" with that she skipped out to meet those said oldies. At reception group of shareholders were wiping their sweats exasperated with the duration they had to wait for new CEO, about whom they can't find out a single thing other than her name Aurora Luca but said person made their deputy CEO bow down to her in this manner, there was tension and gloominess in the environment as if waiting for execution.

Just then Andrea arrived and stood before them in serious manner completely different from the way she left " respected shareholders and other senior officials the disrespect you gave Madam CEO was a big trauma for her mental health and she is unwilling to meet anyone right now, and needs to recuperate for the time being"

Mr Lincoln bowed to Andrea " Miss secretary, please give us a way, to help in curing trauma Madam CEO suffered because of our ignorance" in return Andrea raised her eyebrow "I should ask that Mr Lincoln how are you gonna compensate her ".

Now sweat dotted on the forehead of shareholders, this was against their selfish nature to compensate anyone but they were scared what will be the secrets disclosed bout them tomorrow like Mr Lincoln who is a suspect under police investigation, but was able to move freely because there was not enough evidence despite death declaration given by the old man against him but still his reputation was in tatter due to this incidence.

Now support of Mischief could help him but the new CEO is not willing to come out could be detrimental to him .This was what scared them if Mr Lincoln's past crime could easily be revealed where does they stand .After long discussion they were willing to compromise. After receiving their affirmations Andrea returned to Morna " madam they are willing"

Morna took a folder and gave it to Andrea " go read it to them and make them sign this" after that she continued to rest. Receiving the folder Andrea returned to oldies and started to read the document aloud.

Respected shareholder following rules will be newly appointed :-

1. Power of decision making is solely given to CEO and only Chairman Mr Lucifer can contradict it, shareholders can put up their point but decision making will be in the hand of CEO.

2. Mr Lincoln will be removed from his position at this instance and new appointment will be given to Mr Eldwin the general Secretary of Chairman Mr Lucifer.

3. Compensation of 500 million will be given to Miss Aurora Luca the CEO of Mischief from shareholders and Mr Lincoln for the disrespect and mental trauma she received because of their actions.

thinking of compensation amount all shareholders objected for it but suddenly their was chime of message in their phones opening it they felt colour drain from their faces and could only accept their fate.

Andrea came to Morna and gave signed documents to her feeling proud for Madam CEO, she is well deserved wife of devil. Her manipulation was on par with devil when making a deal.

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