Morna : goddess of death
44 Old Mystery
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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44 Old Mystery

Next morning biggest tabloid of country X was filled with news about the murder that occured 18 years back, when an fifty years old man was murdered by gun shot wound and the case was closed down after lack of evidence. His families alibi was confirmed including his younger son Mr Rolf Lincoln at family picnic spot.

Suddenly an old man on his dead bed made confession of taking bribe to keep silence about whereabouts of Rolf Lincoln as he was found by the old man who worked as a gardener at neighbouring house near the house at the time of murder. Now investigation is about to restart with Rolf Lincoln as chief suspect.

Morna was lounging on her couch when there was an insistent knock on the door, she was feeling too lazy to stand up and open the door. Looking at her guards who were waiting for her order she said with a devilish grin " inform the reception to remove the pest from my door, I don't care to be disturbed".

Tanner ,Leo and Big was silent as they worked as royal guard longer as compared to Adriana who being youngest couldn't contain her curiosity " Mam did he really commit the murder , and if he did how did you found out about that". Morna always liked this cute bodyguard cum secretary of hers she was too cute to resist " that's where you are wrong, he did not kill his father"

Now even Tanner was curious, he couldn't control himself to ask "but how did you know that and why is police searching for him and why did the gardener lied" Morna was silent to create a sense of mystery but seeing their anxious expression she replied " Lincoln families patriarch was an alcoholic and abusive father and other than Rolf he had another son who was unknown to everyone out their as he was a prisoner at his own house and was never recognized because of autism"

"On the day of murder other than Rolf his younger brother was hit like other day while Rolf was trying to protect him when Old Mr Lincoln tried to divert his anger at Rolf the younger brother shot his father on his head and to save himself and his brother they ran out of their house where younger Lincoln was later sent to asylum and Rolf continued his life to become deputy CEO of Mischief entertainment"

" As for gardener he did worked at their neighbouring house at the time of murder but he didn't see anything what he said on his death bed was what I asked him to say in compensation his family will get insurance money from a default company I made and now Mr Rolf is standing outside waiting to ask if I did this, and if I did it how did I found out about it".

" But how mam " Andrea asked I smiled "you lived in hell and still don't know about the archive where every person's deed is recorded, I just used the resources I had with me".

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